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                Interactive-Tailwind provides a hands-on learning experience to enhance your Tailwind CSS skills through a series of engaging exercises that demonstrate how it's done.

                Interactive Tailwind CSS - A series of online Tailwind CSS interactive exercises  | Product Hunt

                Tired of your code looking like black magic ?🔮

                What are all these classes ? Why my layouts aren't responsive ? Why can't I replicate our designer's work ? Not knowing where to start?

                All these things can be discouraging...

                                  <button class="select-none max-lg:hidden z-30 fixed top-6
                                  right-6 bg-base-200 hover:bg-base-300 px-4 py-3 rounded-lg
                                  shadow-lg border border-base-content/20
                                  hover:border-base-content/40 duration-200 cursor-pointer">

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                What you'll practice

                • Font & Typography
                • Sizing
                • Layouts
                • Flexbox
                • Grid

                And much more ...

                Detail of the exercices

                If you want to know the detail of the exercices, just click the pinguin below.

                1. Typography 1. Font-Sizes 2. Font Weight 3. Line Clamp 4. Leading 5. Text-Align 6. Text-Color 7. Text-Transfrom 8. Text-Overflow 9. Text-Wrap 2. Size 1. Width / Height 2. Min-Width / Min-Height 3. Max-Width / Max-Height 4. Size 3. Margin / Padding
                4. Flex 1. Flex basis 2. Flex Direction 3. Flex-Wrap 4. Flex grow 5. Flex Shrink 6. Order 5. Grid 1. Grid Template Columns 2. Grid Column Start / End 3. Gap 4. Justify Content 5. Justify Items 6. Justify Self


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